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About Redfund Capital

Designed by bankers and entrepeneurs with years of experience in business, consulting, capital markets, corporate finance and healthcare services.  Redfund Capital provides a debt financing facility to help companies build their valuation and get to the next level in their financing cycle without giving away equity prematurely in their growth cycle.

Our Mission

Redfund will incubate and accelerate revenue producing companies to expand more rapidly by providing them capital and services to get ahead of their curve. Our merchant bank is looking beyond borders and creating global companies with strong fundamentals ready to expand.

Our Clients

Our investments will be deployed to entities who have demonstrated success in their business but need a capital bridge to expand their companies. Each project is vetted by our team of professionals and analyzed from their financials and current business plans. Once approved, the collateral used to securitize their individual loans is scrutinized by our legal team.